Cumbia de Los muertos (ancestral Alliance) oil elixir

Cumbia de Los muertos (ancestral Alliance) oil elixir

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This 100% all natural Everything Oil elixir has been ritually crafted over the last few months. This specific oil contains A botanical blend that was inspired by the energies of fall and the thinning of the veil which allows contact with the spirits to be more abundant. It is crafted to inspire and invite the energies of spirit & our ancestors to come forward and aid us in the deep root & shadow self work that needs to be done in order for this world to have a major energetic shift. Each bottle contains a crystal blend designed to amplify the vibrations of each botanical used and allows the oil to penetrate the vibrational field that exists around
To use: add a few drops to your bath cauldron to amplify the energies of the water spirit when predicting self care bath/shower rituals.
Use to anoint & dress candles for candle magick rituals.
Use as a deep tissue high vibrational massage oil.
Use as an aid for body work and yoga.
Use to bless/anoint yourself, objects around your safe space, altar, car, home or workspace by adding drops of it to doorknobs, windowsills, doorways, magickal tools etc.

Packages in a BPA FREE 2oz reusable glass dropper bottle. 

These were made in such small batches that they will not have labels for them. Only 6 made in this batch. For babes who really want to dive into dream/astral projection workings.