Reversible | Return To Sender Hex Breaker | Ritual Bath

Reversible | Return To Sender Hex Breaker | Ritual Bath

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This formula is concocted to be a reversing style bath. It contains the properties of removal and powerful cleansing. Use to remove bad luck, negative vibrations,  old attachments and to aid in the removal of toxic patterns. This is a Great magical accompaniment to any return to sender or hex breaking rituals.  used to reverse any negativity, dark magic or witchcraft that has been sent your way.

Used to send these toxic energies & hex’s back to their original sender, it is a powerful protection totem to use when feeling bombarded by stale, negative or stagnate energies. Use to keep your spiritual protection up as a shield and reverse the cosmic bullshit that has been thrown at you.

Use as a pre ritual bath to create an extra layer of magick on your spell work.

These beautiful blends mix with the element of water to create a sacred solution for you to use in your bath magick rituals or as an amplifier wash for your floors, doorways and to empower your ritual tools of all kinds.

Imported from Mexico | 1 oz ritual plant bath | 100% PLANT BASED | Instructions included.

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