Ritual Candle | Reversible | Hex Breaker | Return 2 Sender
Ritual Candle | Reversible | Hex Breaker | Return 2 Sender
Ritual Candle | Reversible | Hex Breaker | Return 2 Sender

Ritual Candle | Reversible | Hex Breaker | Return 2 Sender

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These candles are used to reverse any negativity, dark magic or witchcraft that has been sent your way. Used to send these toxic energies & hex’s back to their original sender, it is a powerful protection totem to use when feeling bombarded by stale, negative or stagnate energies. Use to keep your spiritual protection up as a shield and reverse the cosmic bullshit that has been thrown at you.


#1 Dressed/Fixed Candle - A physical programmed ritual candle sent to customer. with simple candle magick instructions. Each candle is dressed with our own ritual oils, alchemical botanical blends, programmed crystals and are dressed/fixed with magical intention. 
These candles are empowered & dressed as ordered. 

8 inch unscented glass candle with screen printed artwork. 

#2 Ritual Work / Altar Spell Service
 - Candle is programmed during ritual where on our main altar we conduct a intricate ritual in your honor where the candle will burn down fully in ritual space. The client needs to sends us a petition stating their intentions with their working so please make sure that you provide an email address at check out.

When ordered a few images of your candle with your petition will be emailed to when your ritual begins & after your candle has burned down fully a recap & quick candle divination reading will be sent to the client via email on how your candle is interpreted/read. Recap emails will be sent out usually about a week and a half after ritual is initiated. 

Rituals will take place within one week of purchase on the day best corresponding with your specific needs. Certain days hold more power for certain magicks

Please note that there is no shipping fees for the ritual working option as there will be no physical item mailed to the customer when the Ritual/Altar option is chosen.

For ritual work please provide this information requested below in the comment section during checkout 

  • Full Name
  • Pronouns
  • Birthdate
  • A description of your intention with this ritual