Nuevo Santos Candle | Sacred Heart Of Selena Quintanilla

Nuevo Santos Candle | Sacred Heart Of Selena Quintanilla

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Los Nuevo Santos is a collection of original artwork designs created in 2011 by Firme Arte.

I am not sure why we are on this planet babes, but what I do know is that we have been truly blessed by some incredible spirit energies that existed in the babes showcased in this collection of designs. I think it is such a mystery why these creatives were only allowed to exist on this planet for the short times that they did. Truly a mystery and nevertheless I am grateful to each one of them for their powerful contribution to art, music, activism, culture, performance and the overall grand collective unconscious energy that exists all around us.

Each one is handcrafted with unscented wax and dressed with herbs, oils and crystals all corresponding with honoring the specific energies of each candle.

Selena was one of my first designs I had ever created and she has always been a force of creative energy that has followed me throughout my life while traveling back and forth as a kid from Northern Califas to Southern Texas.. To grow up in a time where we had no visibility in media culturally it was such a empowering thing to see our Queen manifest the hell out of the life that she had. Her strength, determination and ability to create a connection though cultura was some empowering shit to see as a young Xicanit@ growing up. Her beauty and incredible voice is something that will live on in the hearts of brown babes from across the lands forever.

I have adorned this candle with a bright blend of botanicals such as strawberry
 and of course her signature roses. This candle is dressed with an oil that is used to draw in emotional support and romance (which does not have to apply to only the romance for another person but can be translated into the romance for life or a situation).

Selena’s radiating smile was such a beacon of beauty and attraction, we honor those energies in this candle.
You will receive one 8 oz white wax candle with original artwork.