HEM 7 Days Incense Stick Box Set
HEM 7 Days Incense Stick Box Set

HEM 7 Days Incense Stick Box Set

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HEM 7 Days Incense Stick Box Set  (Contains 7 Pouches of 5 Sticks Per Box)

Hem 7 Day Vedic Healing Incense corresponds to pure, clear and vibrant rays of light, which reflect the radiance of nature.
Sunday - The first day of the week calls for blue.  Incense Lemon - This incense promotes stillness and peace.
Monday - Monday calls for yellow.  Incense Amber - The sunlit incense enhances spiritual wisdom, encouraging true discrimination. 
Tuesday - Tuesday call for pink.  Incense Rose - Rose incense denotes the strength of love and energy and has great effect on the heart.
Wednesday - Wednesday call for white.  Incense Jasmine - Jasmine is linked with love and the ability to freely give and receive this love.
Thursday - Thursday call for green.  Incense Sandalwood - Sandalwood incense is cleansing and soothing.
Friday - Friday calls for gold/ruby.  Incense Mandarin - Mandarin is a very mystical incense with powerful properties.
Saturday - Saturday calls for violet.  Incense Galipan - Gali