Hey Beautiful (Emotional Empowerment) 7 Herb Ritual Bath

Hey Beautiful (Emotional Empowerment) 7 Herb Ritual Bath

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Our 7 herb baths are ritually crafted blends of programmed botanicals that have been concocted for a variety of magical purposes. These beautiful blends mix with the element of water to create a sacred solution for you to use in your bath magick rituals or as an amplifier wash for your floors, doorways and to empower your ritual tools of all kinds.

Hey Beautiful is infused with a gorgeous blend of elements crafted to inspire deep rooted confidence & to open up the channels of emotional healing & the ability to truly see the beauties within oneself. Instilled with the vibrations of the removal of toxic social constructs & mental programming that hold us back. Alchemically enhanced to remind you that despite the fuckboy narrative that exists in this realm you are one bad ass babe with so much to offer the collective human experience.


"May this space be abundant in ancient vibrations who contain the willingness to open pathways, and share cosmic information”

Detailed Instruction sheet included.
Packaged in a 12oz reusable BPA free glass alchemy jar.
Enough for 2 baths/washes