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August 22, 2018 | Community Tarot + Oracle Reading

Collaboration community reading by 
@angelomalforms & @firmearte
2 Card Pull | Tarot = Strength + Oracle = Sacred Mountain

Tarot = The 11th Key || JUSTICE ||  By @angelomalforms 

With two pillars of our negative and positive forces a sword lifted in defense in the right hand, and scales of gold in the left. Balance is indicated here. A pull of reassurance that justice will prevail, though balance is required. The balanced personality demands elimination of excess baggage, wrong ideas and useless forms of education. During our meditations let's reflect on ourselves and our excess baggage. What can we snip away without hurting ourselves and those we love?

 Oracle = SACRED MOUNTAIN ||  by @firmearte || Transformation, Ancestral Earth Connection 
 In understanding the fact that there are things we simply need to energetically and physically purge from our daily and ethereal existence comes a sometimes heavy “burden” like energy when we start allowing space for the reality’s of these toxic habits, patterns, situations or people we’ve allowed ourselves to be consumed with. Sacred mountain is a reminder that we all are connected through the materials that create us, our physical vessels are just as much a part of the ancient red mountains as we are the stars that illuminate our sky. We are collectively going through these energetic & reality shifts, our connection to the collective unconscious allows large groups of sensitives to be collectively experiencing hardships or other setbacks or celebrations at the same time as a way for us to use our collective power to shift The nature of reality for all of mankind. You are never alone in your pain or in your pleasure. Remember that. The self work you are doing is legit helping the world become a better place. The butterfly spirits on this card are a representation of transformation, these uncomfortable releases and realizations are all part of the quest to become totally in tune with our life’s purpose. Long story short the last few readings we’ve had for the community have all had a similar message… YOU ARE DOING A FUCKING GREAT JOB BABE & KEEP GOING. The darkness is just one part of the reality, there is always light. Remember the message from Justice card above, we have to find a balance between both chaos energies that we are constantly pulled from (light & dark) in order to become unapologetically victorious in our existence. I love you.

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